Benefiting from Email Marketing

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Every business should know that not using email marketing is even more worse that spam itself – it is like throwing away a pot of gold. Email marketing is very effective – a form of targeted marketing that gets the attention of the one to whom it is emailed.

Email marketing gives results. It costs next to nothing and is an essential part of your marketing strategy. This article details a number of advantages of using email marketing.

Target Audience and Opt-Out

You should first of all have a targeted number of people who will act as your audience – mass mailing is no different from spam and is not recommended at all. This audience should consist of existing customers, consumers, subscribes and referred people. It may even include potential customers. Additionally, added to a ‘niche’ audience, there should be a way to ‘opt-out’ as in unscubscribe from the emails being marketed. This makes a good impression of legitimacy and separates such emails from spam.

Market your email

Just as a newspaper uses catchy headlines to attract your attention or a billboard makes use of eye grabbing slogans, your email’s title and content should also do the same. Using a title as ‘Some Company’s Product X’ will not be effective at all. Make the title of the email catchy and well suited to the audience you are targeting – and always include the title of the sender at the start (that is the name of the business). Your title should be in the form of Some Company – Catchy Slogan.

Content and Ad Mash-up

Make sure that your emails are not just one big ad but also contain a good amount of content that is relevant to the interests of your audience. Turn the email into a newsletter – a practice that is used by nearly every other company around. Include information such as promo codes, industry news, informative articles and even some casual stuff like jokes.

Presentation and Layout

The presentation and layout of material should be elegant, efficient and attention grabbing. You should also make sure that the most important aspect of your email is present at the top – a special discount being provided for your services should be present at the start preferably in the form of a catchy image.

And that pretty much wraps up some of the more important benefits of email marketing – if done rightly. And remember, don’t spam.

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Benefiting from Email Marketing

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Benefiting from Email Marketing

This article was published on 2010/12/08