Best Practices For B2B Email Marketing

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B2B email marketing differs from B2C email marketing in a few crucial ways; your content has to be professional, persuasive and straight to the point because most recipients of B2B email marketing want to know why you are communicating, why it's important and what they can get out of it.

Similarly, your email tracking and analysis should be focused on leads and forwards, not open and click-through rates. This is because B2B email marketing is targeted at generating additional email subscriptions from the campaign, and isn't entirely dependent on hard-selling or directing recipients to appropriate links.

Here are some best practices for B2B email marketing:

• Know who you are emailing: simply by looking at a business's website can tell you how they like to communicate and likewise be communicated with. Tailor your emails to specific businesses and you are more likely to see results.

• Know how to reach their level: it sounds obvious, but your From name is more likely to resonate with a CEO if it is from a CEO. A From name who matters tends to correspond with an email that matters.

• Know how to get their attention: most business executives are run off their feet, so your email has to persuade them to give up at least a minute of their time. Make sure your subject line is catchy and your opening paragraph keeps them interested.

• Know what looks good: testing your emails across a variety of mailboxes (Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc) and operating systems (Windows, Linux), making sure your formatting is correct down to the finest detail, and getting on top of spelling and grammar, is the first step to getting your email read and read again.

• Know how to get to the point: an abundance of B2B email marketing is now received on mobile hones, so content that is short and sweet has a better chance of being read than a long email without a clear call to action.

• Know when to sell: resist bombarding your recipient with deals, promises, customer testimonials or pricing information. B2B email marketing is different from B2C email marketing because the recipient is a business, not a consumer.

• Know what they want: remember that B2B recipients aren't spending their own money, so offering them perks that they can't use (such as coupons and discounts) isn't going to work. Try offering them access to VIP networking events, where anyone from the business can attend and the worth extends from gathering contacts rather than expendable items.

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Best Practices For B2B Email Marketing

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This article was published on 2010/03/31