Bulk Email - A Guide to Reports

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Bulk Email

Bulk email marketing has picked up pace in a very big way. Organizations small and large are promoting their products, advertising their services and touching base with potential customers using bulk email. However, before you start shooting out your email marketing campaigns it is important to check for chances that your email might be intercepted by the subscribers ISP or enterprise firewall. Then there are also spam filters that eat your email up. Many times, words, phrases and certain elements of your content may send your newsletters to the spam filters. You must look and research for words or phrases that trigger the SPAM filters. By doing so, you will know if any of the words in your message are one of the triggers. Change the words or alter your sentences to ensure this doesn't occur. You could also assign the job of monitoring the email sent out and its delivery to a firm. This way you know what goes out is being delivered properly.


In short, it is important to monitor the delivery of  your email campaigns. This can be done in many ways. You could employ the right kind of service providers to ensure that you reach out better to the target audience. The reputed ones have better goodwill. With them on your side, the chances of your bulk email being blacklisted or blocked get slimmer. Also create your subject line so that it is catchy and innovative yet clear. Let the reader know in one glance what to expect.

Keep an Eye Out

Another popular approach is to set your email marketing software to keep an eye on the reports. Many email marketing software allow you to receive and maintain reports. These reports keep track of the emails that have been delivered. Thus, you know if any spam filters or firewalls  block your mail.


Modern email marketing software also helps to follow the open rates of your bulk email. At times, even if the receiver has opted to receive the bulk email, he may simple delete the email without even opening it. This mars the purpose of seeking permission and sending out mass email. Email marketing software keeps you updated with the number of recipients who open the mail. Using the information provided by the software, you know who the active recipients are, so you can maintain records for future referencing.


When you maintain the reports generated you can strategize better. You can revive the interests of inactive recipients. The reports also help you detect faulty or expired email addresses. When your bulk email bounces back, the report automatically informs you. So, you know how to find out if there is an error in registering the email addresses.


The email reports that are sent, work as a monitoring tool. They help you keep a check on the users that you have reached out to. The report helps you evaluate how successful your bulk email marketing campaign is proving to be. Hence, referring to the reports and weaving new strategies based on the findings is necessary.

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Bulk Email - A Guide to Reports

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This article was published on 2010/04/02