Effective Email Marketing: Nuances Matter

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More and more organisations are actively striving to get their effective email marketing tactics in place. When one carefully analyses the situation, there's nothing major to the whole scenario. All that is needed is a slight amount of focus on the key areas that are important for the business as well as the customers.

To begin with, it's very important to keep the email messages personalised. Generally, the kind of databases that are purchased or maintained in the present scenario have sufficient amount of details for personalisation. Although this is an extra bit of effort, it pays rich dividends as the consumer feels that the email message was specifically crafted for him/her. It also ensures that the open rate increases exponentially, if the marketer chooses to take the personalisation to the level of the subject line. Particularly in the case of B2B marketing, this tactic works wonders!

Effective email marketing in the retail domain can entail that consumers are addressed based on their recent purchases, since these records would readily be available with the store. For instance, if a person has purchased sports goods recently, it may be a good idea to push for related products in the apparel category, like jerseys, jackets etc. This also lends a feeling of the fact that the brand is consciously endeavouring to be a part of the consumer's life.

Coming back to the subject line, it is a key aspect of effective email marketing, and a lot depends on the same if one is expecting to get a good open rate. Needless to say, messages that sound like spam (urgent-make sure you don't miss out on this free offer) should be out-rightly rejected, as they raise suspicion. The ideal subject line is one that intrigues the user to open the message without making false promises. Taking care of these few guidelines ensures phenomenal returns with every campaign.CruzeConnect is a service by The Global Associates, which is a premium Sales and marketing firm. The Global Associates has partnered with Blue Hornet, which is a Digital River Group Company to bring this Premium email service to India.The onus is upon us to deliver success that is quantifiable within the designated time frames. Not only is this the imperative requirement of good business ethics, but it also goes a long way in developing relationships that last. And at CruzeConnect, we believe in the latter!CruzeConnect delivers a holistic package that guarantees the most important abbreviation in any kind of business – ROI.

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Effective Email Marketing: Nuances Matter

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This article was published on 2012/03/21