Email Marketing - New Paradigm in Marketing

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Elaborating marketing could be endless. New method such as email marketing should be considered as the most countable way these days to blend with the market directly without paying extra cost for advertisements, billboards, ad lips or TV commercials. Not just cost efficient but it brings interactivity between marketers and their end users.

In order to succeed email marketing, a marketer should pay attention into how a virtual fellowship should be built. Everybody takes their email accounts personally. And it means everybody is the master of what is allowed to enter their personality. Let's take this deeper.

Newsletter subscription (a form of email marketing) indicates that a user willingly wants to be informed of any kind of updates of the brand he has used or been using. He willingly gives his personal information to the brand owner. The contacts list record holds its role in here. From here, a marketer could reach the secondary market. End users will be simplified recommending a product by forwarding the newsletter to other people he knows. There are three possibilities arisen in here. The secondary market would buy or ignore or safe the email for reserve, see if the product is needed in the future. A smart marketer will use this opportunity to make even bigger contact list by providing a free subscription, meaning without using any product, a potential user could still be informed of any updates of the brand, which then will create better potential of third degree market, and so on.

A marketer has done their homework by offering good quality products, with reliable after sales service, helpful customer service and promising R&D for better quality. Email marketing adds the in-touch part with end users. It helps the work of Customer Relation Marketing (CRM) department somehow. By uplink the newsletter to the corporate/product website, end users would be eased in consuming the information, anytime they want. The responses resulted could direct the marketer in finding whether the marketing strategy applied is already suitable for their niche market, any service or quality improvements needed, or even loyalty and awareness level.

When applying email marketing, there are several points a brand owner should pay attention to such as appearance creativity, compact and tempting headline, warm greetings, simple directory to help users in finding what they need to know or have and do not forget to ask them to act promptly. Make sure that the email has user friendly format, e.g html format or text with links. Do not give too much in an email. Try to make it simple and brief. Ask them to visit the website instead of making a load full email. If there are many things to offer to the end users, several emails can be sent, clustered, based on group of needs or types of offers. At the bottom, provide email link for direct contact or input.

It is time for marketers to change their marketing paradigm by bringing more values to the customers by being close to them, literally.

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Email Marketing - New Paradigm in Marketing

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This article was published on 2010/04/04