How Can Cable Access Stations Promote Themselves Via Email Marketing?

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While cable access has its share of quirky programming, it is also an increasingly valuable tool for small town broadcasters, artists and politicians—and, particularly, viewers who can get news, information and entertainment that would otherwise go uncovered or unnoticed by the mass media.

Of course, a challenge cable access stations face that their mass media brethren do not is the task of publicizing their programming. Fortunately, a cable access email marketing campaign is easy to set up and inexpensive to execute, which assures the widest possible audience sees these important shows.

Many newspapers won't carry the programming listings for local cable access stations, so with email marketing, cable access stations will accomplish an important objective. However, email marketing for cable access stations is doubly important because, rather than just letting local residents know what the station produces and when the shows air, it also finds the people who can appear on these shows.

There are a lot of talented people in these local communities who just need an opportunity to show their wares and who will be invigorated by the opportunity to create programming on a tight budget. A cable access email marketing campaign can alert these artists and actors to the presence of a local station that is not only willing to air their show but eager to give it a home.

While small town politics may not get the attention of a presidential race, the races for the mayor's office and other positions are just as important to local residents. The network stations in a state can't air a debate for every municipality, but this type of political programming is the lifeblood of a cable access station. Alerting local politicians of a station's willingness to host a debate via a cable access email marketing campaign will not only result in compelling programming but also earn the station respect from the politicians as well as viewers.

Setting up an email campaign for cable access stations is simple and cost-effective for the station. A message can air at the end of every program asking viewers to email the station to ensure they receive regular updates from the station about its programming and personalities. Anyone who will take the time to seek out local cable access programming will certainly be amenable to the idea of sending an email to the station and being a part of the cable access email marketing campaign.

An email campaign for cable access stations can be implemented with the help of email marketing software. Such a program can easily manage email addresses and help the station send out targeted email blasts with information custom-tailored to individual viewers' preferences. Email marketing programs are easy to install, cost-effective, and will be an investment that pays off for both the station and the surrounding community!

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How Can Cable Access Stations Promote Themselves Via Email Marketing?

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This article was published on 2011/08/01