How to build a successful contact database for email marketing

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Email marketing has developed into one of the most cost effective and successful strategies in marketing. It is fast, extremely low cost and allows you to communicate with the customer on a personal level. In fact studies have found that clients are unlikely to respond to an email that is not personal, regarding it as spam. When sending an email campaign it is essential that you have an accurate and targeted contact database in order to see positive results. It is advisable to use email marketing software that will allow you to easily manage and manipulate your email lists and also test that they are working correctly.

Creating a contact database
It is likely that your business will already have a database of current client email contacts and if not then it is advisable to start collecting them. Depending on how your business operates you can ask for email addresses on the phone or when an order is placed online, for example, using a tick box. Gathering email addresses of new and potential clients is a little more difficult. You can make phone calls to prospective clients, which although time consuming, should provide you with a good contact list. It is also possible to buy contact lists but you must ensure the list is appropriate for your business and legitimate. Another option is to create a ‘subscribe’ link from your website.

Managing the contact list
If you use email marketing software you will find it easy to manage your contact database. Existing contact lists can be uploaded from an Excel spreadsheet and most email marketing software will warn you if there are duplicate contacts so you do not have to worry about sending a client the same email twice. Once your lists are uploaded they can be divided into appropriate groups to enable you to send more personal and relevant emails.

Removing contacts
If the recipient no longer requires the information you are sending them there is little point in keeping them on your mailing list as this will also incur unnecessary costs to your business. Legally you should always have an ‘unsubscribe’ function at the bottom of every email you send. This comes as standard with email marketing software which will prevent you from ever contacting that email address again. Email marketing software also incorporates a handy feature that filters out the bounce backs and defunct addresses.

It is also a good idea to set a number for non-response messages after which you no longer contact a customer. Again this can be done easily using the software, which allows you to see whether an email has been opened or not.

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For a successful email marketing UK campaign choose email marketing software that will allow you to easily create and manage your contact database.

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How to build a successful contact database for email marketing

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How to build a successful contact database for email marketing

This article was published on 2012/02/15