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For the business owner that is considering the use of targeted email marketing campaigns, in order to increase sales, and to increase revenues, if you are planning on sending out these emails, you must ensure that they are being sent to the right target and niche group. By using targeted email marketing campaigns you are more likely to achieve this. People who have already visited your store, purchased from you or shown interest in the past will be your target for you email campaign in order for it to work effectively. 

Therefore, the targeted email marketing campaigns that you use to reach these individuals, are going to push them to come to your stores and to make the purchases with your company, rather than go out and shop with a competitor in the same line of business as your own. 
Only if your customers are interest in what you are selling will you email campaign be a success. If a customer is not interested then you run the risk of having them out your emails in a spam folder. If you mail manages to escape the junk folder it is still possible the customer will just delete it. It will be a waste of precious resources if this does happen.
So, for companies considering this tactic of marketing, you have to first make sure the consumer is interested, and you have to find the niche group to send the targeted email marketing mailings to in order to ensure you are going to elicit the response that you are hoping to get from the campaign. If not you will surely encounter unexpected costs trying to find the consumers who may be interested which will result in wasted resources and a lot of unread email in peoples spam folders.
Finally when you are definitely sure that you have your target market and they will be interested in your mailings should you pursue with your marketing campaign. 
If the correct niche is found and you roll out your targeted email marketing campaign correctly then you should see more customers buying your products, this then gives you an opportunity to send further emails regarding more products and in the long run increasing your revenue. 
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Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns

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This article was published on 2011/11/16